Silicon Valley Farewell, 2016.


alumnieventOh, and the alumni party. This was the grand finale. Everyone we met this week and the top alumni in the Bay Area all gathered in a meeting room at Facebook. Like the technical legend, behind the TCP protocol, the Pentium processors and the floppy disk, all in one room, all Tech alum. Keep in mind there were like 50 people in this room. Each of them with extremely impressive backgrounds.

“This experience made me even more proud to be a student at Tech and I am very confident that when I graduate I will accomplish great things.”

Last, but absolutely not least, was the Facebook alumni event hosted by Facebook that evening. We were in a small event room with food and drinks provided. I can honestly say that I will always remember that night as the night that made me decide I want to live and work in the Bay Area. I think I speak for all of the students on the trip when I say that we were star struck beyond belief speaking with Kanwal Rekhi, David House, and so many other successful MTU graduates. I even met a lady who worked on the stealth bomber for Northrop Grumman, which excited me particularly because of my interest in aerospace. I also met two current MTU graduate students who are interning at Tesla Motors, and they gave me all sorts of advice for applying and recommended I do so.

The Silicon Valley Experience trip was without a doubt the greatest trip and weeklong experience of my life. I met so many incredible and successful people, a lot of whom graduated from MTU, and made some very good friends along the way. I will forever be grateful for the MTU alum who donated to the school to help pay for this trip as well as to all of those who organized it. My mindset has changed greatly with respect to my career and where I want to be in a few years. This week has truly been one for the books.

Michigan Tech student writers:
Cole Gingras
Kyle Ludwig
Arick Davis
Alec Holm

Written by
Adam Johnson

Sindhuri Bhattaram 1st Firmware Intern at Tesla Motor
“Shivaram Viswanathan This is cool :D. The post is great overall!”

Sacha (Alexandra) Patera 1st Director of Law-STEM Initiatives | Connector | Partnerships & Entrepreneurship | Adviser
“Nice piece. the MS in Law also just returned from silicon valley. similar trip different companies”

Eric Bacyinski 2nd M Engage Michigan Program Manager at University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) “Sounds like an incredible event Adam, I noticed this on Brent’s wall and run a similar annual trek for U-M entrepreneurial students around the same time of year. Perhaps there’s opportunity to brand the Great Lakes state together?

Timothy Ward 1st Seeking New Adventures
“I went on this trip years ago. It was amazing then and it looks even more amazing now. :)”

Anupam Mehendaley 1st Associate Electrical Engineer at Nexteer Automotive
“Delighted to see the program so strong! Brings back fond memories of my own experience with the program back in 2013.”

Roshni Sachar 1st Incoming Analyst at Credit Suisse
“This is so awesome and what great pictures! Thanks for a wonderful trip Adam!!”

Elizabeth Van Dam 1st Realtor at Chase International
“Adam, Send them our way, many firms from California are coming here to Reno NV. Reasons include, better tax breaks, no state income tax, beautiful city with easy access to the Mountains for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking. Tesla has their huge battery factory here. We need more educated workers!!!”

Kevin Coleman 1st Firmware Tools Engineer at HGST “Awesome article! Brings back a lot of great memories from when I got to go. Glad to see the program is still going strong :)”

Ellen Nightingale, EIT 1st Graduate Research Assistant at Iowa State University
“I appreciate the experience I gained from this trip in 2013 and I am glad to see it continue and grow, hopefully for many more years to come.”

Paul van Susante, Ph.D. 2nd Senior Lecturer at Michigan Technological University
“Sounds like a great experience!”

Joyce Carter Merchandiser at PepsiCo
“I have a son Eric Carter, who will be a graduate this year from Michigan Tech University, and I am so gracious and happy that he got a chance to experience the trip to Michigan Tech Silicon Valley. I will be so excited and proud to see him walk across the stage and accept his degree. He has accomplished a lot. Now it’s time to accept that wonderful job position that he has worked so hard for, and his dreams will become true. Thanks Michigan Tech University and Michigan Tech Silicon Valley for giving him a chance.”

Rob Fjerstad 1st Senior Software Development Manager
“Adam – congratulations on another successful spring break high-tech tour. Wish I could have participated and greeted the team. Hopefully next year I’ll be in a position to host the team. Great write up by the students.”