14 Floors Bay Area Day 2: Twilio. Porter Family Vineyard.


Twilio does cloud communications and operates as a platform as a service (“PaaS”) company. It was founded in 2007 and has about 1,250 employees worldwide, about 550 in San Francisco. We toured the facility, learned about the company’s values , attended a question and answer session.

michigan-tech-14-floors-bay-area-2017-142333-1The energy and enthusiasm was palpable throughout the entirety of our visit there. It was a pleasure to visit this company, and I think many of the students on this Silicon Valley trip will be applying to work there in the future. And, should any of us get a job at Twilio, one of the rites of passage for new hires is to use Twilio’s API to create an app or experience. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming atmosphere in Silicon Valley. -Tommy Stuart

michigan-tech-14-floors-bay-area-2017-192055michigan-tech-14-floors-bay-area-2017-202942Porter Family Vineyards
Tim Porter walked us through the inner workings of the Porter Vineyards and the operation left us all with a sense of awe. After a short above ground tour we made our way down into the cave. At its deepest the cave is about 60 feet underground and the temperature is 58 degrees. The carbon footprint is near zero, with much of the electricity powered by solar energy. One of the cooler aspects is that the cave is run from the cloud. If the temperature ever gets too high, it automatically regulates itself. -Tommy Stuart